Selenium must be familiar to those who have expertise in managing multiple accounts. It can be deployed directly in the browser and mimic human activity. However, Selenium is not always that powerful and its disguise can be recognized by some platforms, one of which is known as CloudFlare.

What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is…

The latest release of AdsPower 3.12 marks important news: Sun Browser core was updated to Chrome 96. We would like to remind all users to download the latest version to increase your success rate.

Sun Browser core updated to Chrome 96

What came with this update was the expansion of User Agents — a wider range of…

We’ve been talking about the benefits of RPA for a while now and we know you’re curious as to what it is. We’ll give an introduction, but first let’s talk some more!

What is RPA?

A Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool helps businesses automate their business processes so they can spend more time…

Are you struggling to decide whether to delete profiles that you are not using for a while? Are you having trouble exporting your profiles? With the help of Profile Warehouse, you’ll no longer have to worry about these problems!

Profile Warehouse is a place in AdsPower where you can archive…

During the past month, we released several meaningful features: new OS option (iOS), optimization of Speech Voices, and Auto Fill RPA Auth Code. Keep reading and check them out!

🎉New operatiсng system: iOS

AdsPower can simulate operating systems for PC and mobile devices, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. Now you’ll get a new…

As part of our Black Friday offer, the 3-day free access to Team Management is definitely exciting news for all free users🔥

Check out what features you can use during the trial period!

👏Batch Import

It allows all team members to import/export/delete a batch of accounts at the same time…

Dear friends, we are glad to announce that our year-end sale is coming!


💎Double referral commission
⏰: Oct 1 — Dec 31, 2021
💥During this time period, you can get twice as many referral rewards as previous!
* Available for users on the new referral program (10%×24 months)

💎Cashback on $100+ orders
⏰: Nov 1–30, 2021
💥11.11% of your order will be returned to your balance!
*Available for users who make a $100+ single order

💎Cashback on annual subscriptions
⏰: Nov 1 — Dec 31, 2021
💥A monthly fee will be returned to your balance!
* Available for users who purchase a yearly subscription (12 months)

Hurry up! Don’t miss these once-a-year bonuses! 🤩

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