AdsPower and Betting — what is arbitrage in betting and how to use multi-accounting here?

Hello! Another industry in which multi-accounting can be used effectively is betting. Betting is gambling on sports or any other events. In today’s article we will explain betting arbitrage and why multiaccounting is needed.

Sports bookmaking is a big business, which has become very popular and legalized in recent years. If you look on a large scale, a bookmaker’s office is like a casino, from which only the organizer of the entire operation can emerge as winner. The win rate and odds are calculated always prevents the players from steadily taking actions in their favor. However, some part of the money can be successfully earned and withdrawn. There are three main ways.

Serious Analytics


First, it’s illegal. Second, it’s almost impossible to find people you can negotiate with without being cheated. Thirdly, even if you succeed, such actions are too obvious and the bookmaker will not let you withdraw funds.

Arbitrage betting

Some arbitrage theory and lots of numbers!

Imagine an event that has two outcomes. For example, in a basketball game, the number of goals scored is either an even or an odd number. Normally, the odds here are 1.9, meaning that the chance of this event occurring should be 1/1.9 = 53%. Obviously, that is not right. The chance of occurring is 50%, which means that there is a 3% chance in favor of the bookmaker.

Now let’s look at an event with three outcomes. For example, the soccer match “Everton — Chelsea”. The odds for Everton win, draw, Chelsea win are 5.0, 3.9, 1.67 respectively.

According to our formula, let’s calculate: 1/5 + 1/3.9 + 1/1.67 = 20% + 25.6% + 60% = 105.6%. This means that the probability of happening of all events is more than 100%, and this is impossible. 5.6% goes in favor of the bookmaker.

So how to make money?

The next step is to calculate how much to bet on each outcome. For ease of calculation, you can use sites with arbitrage calculators, and there are many such sites. Here is one of them — Here, everything is intuitive. You only need to enter the odds of two or three events (possibly more) and the total amount you are willing to spend. In the second row, under the word Stake, it will be written how much to bet on each odds.

Here is an example with two events, this is a real tennis match.

If you only have 50,000 units, you can bet 8992 on the first outcome and 41007 on the second. Then you are sure to be in the black, earning 1258 units in the currency in which you bet!

And here’s an example of the soccer game I wrote above.

As you can see, in both cases you are 100% likely to make money. As a rule, the profit from a single such turnover will be about 1–3% if you choose the “earn for sure” strategy.

You can distribute the amount of bets differently as well. Then you can either return the bet amount or earn somewhat more than in the “earn for sure” option. That is, you won’t lose for sure and probably will earn.

In most cases, the events on which you can arbitrage can be found in live betting. The odds change quickly there, so it is better to choose events with two outcomes, such as tennis games. With sufficient capital and the ability to follow a large flow of information, it is possible to achieve good results.

The main problem

Those who have ever been involved in betting know that the support team at betting shops can make a large number of requests for all actions made on the account. In particular, they will ask what device you used to enter the site, what browser you used, and what IP address. If you have logged into several accounts from the same device you won’t be able to withdraw your money.

With a lot of accounts it’s very easy to get confused about it all. With AdsPower you’ll not only be able to bet as safely as possible by creating an isolated environment for each account, but you’ll also save a lot of time, because all your accounts will be in one place — it’s very convenient.

I hope that today’s article will be useful for you. If you still have questions — Your inquiries are always welcome!



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