AdsPower and Betting — what is arbitrage in betting and how to use multi-accounting here?

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Theoretically, in many disciplines and events in them, especially in cybersports, it is very difficult to calculate the odds of many matches accurately. If you are an expert in any cybersport discipline, it is quite realistic to find matches where the actual odds are different from what the bookmakers are counting on. It takes a lot of effort and experience, and you don’t have to think about reliability.


The betting business has an unfair side. Obviously, who would not want to make a lot of money in a couple of hours by simply agreeing with the people you need? Contractions happen from time to time. But if you read this article, you shouldn’t try to do it for many reasons.

Arbitrage betting

This is the most realistic way to make money on bets. It comes down to finding favorable odds at different bookmakers and making money on it. Of course, sooner or later you will get banned, even if you have not broken anything. Because it’s unacceptable for a bookmaker to lose money. That’s what multi-accounting will help.

Some arbitrage theory and lots of numbers!

A simple formula you will need for arbitrage in betting: 1 / odds = chance of winning. Bookmakers always calculate odds in their favor, without exception. However, odds are different among bookmakers, which is the essence of arbitrage.

So how to make money?

Now imagine that you did the following trick: you opened several sites of different bookmakers’ offices and found high odds at 3 different sites. The first one has an Everton win odds of 5.5, the second one has a draw odds of 4.0, and the third one has a Chelsea win odds of 1.8. Let’s convert it all to percentages according to our formula and get 18.2% + 25% + 55.6% = 98.8%. Bingo! One of the three events will happen with 100% probability, and you have found space for arbitrage.

The main problem

The problem, as I mentioned before, is not only winning money, but also withdrawing it. Even though you do not violate anything, you will still get banned sooner or later, so you need to have a lot of accounts. Each account will require verification of identity. Since you are not doing anything illegal, you can safely use the documents of people in your closest associates.



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