AdsPower February Updates

We’ve been asked about the availability of Chrome 98 in AdsPower for since some time ago. Finally, we are here to bring you good news: the browser version was already updated to Chrome 98!

So, what else to be cheered for in this month?

New moves on RPA

  • RPA operation Export Excel allows exporting Excel files with the help of RPA
  • New RPA templates: FB Post Sharing and Like on Tik Tok Homepage Videos
  • Limit of RPA process steps has been increased from 100 to 200

IP service

Discounts on IP purchase: 10% off 90-day rental and 20% off 180-day rental, regardless of regions and packages.

Profile Management

Unlimited sharing the same profile with another user.
* Note: when you share the same profile for the second/third/etc. time, possibly with some changes to the settings, it won’t cover the previously shared one(s).

Team Management

It’s allowed to add remarks to team members.

Fingerprint settings

  • “Change” button added to quickly change Device Name.
  • Optimization of dynamic proxy connection logic inside the AdsPower app.

It should be noted that these updates won’t be installed in the app automatically, to get them you’ll need to download the latest version of AdsPower via these links:

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