AdsPower July Updates

This industry is not stagnant. While everything is developing, we also constantly make updates in our product. The past few months have seen exciting improvements in AdsPower browser, and we are happy to tell you about them today.

Application Center

First, you need to visit the Chrome web store and find the extension you are interested in, and then copy the link.

Then go to the application center in adspower and install the extension through the URL.

Then click OK and don’t forget to select the checkbox for the desired extension. Be ready!

User agent and browser fingerprints

You can select user agents for computer operating systems and mobile operating systems.

Note: it is recommended to use the user agent matching the computer operating system.

This will be beneficial for advanced users who have high requirements for details. For others, especially Apple computer users, you get more protection and the system is better optimized.

Added support for macOS M1 chip

Now you can run more than 200 browser profiles in AdsPower at the same time, requiring 64 GB of ram. The function remains unchanged, the speed remains unchanged, and the working stability is improved. All the processes are smoother.


We are trying to improve our product every day. We’ll be glad to your feedback. Connect with us on social networks. You can ask questions or leave any requests for useful functions, which we will definitely consider.



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