AdsPower July Updates

Application Center

The most convenient, useful and interesting update is that you can add any extension from the Google Chrome extension store with just a few clicks. In the past, you needed to compress and download the installation files. Now you only need to click a few times!

User agent and browser fingerprints

The list of settings that can be changed in the user agent has been updated, and some fingerprints have been added, which will be automatically changed with the user agent. 102 versions of Chrome browser have been added. Start to support more operating systems: windows, macOS, Linux.

Added support for macOS M1 chip

For those who own computers on macOS, this is another bonus.


We have integrated with several new payment methods, including YooMoney! It is now more convenient to pay the accumulated difference or deposit money into an account. The trial period of all functions now costs only a symbolic $1.



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