AdsPower Local API and Headless Browsing

What is “headless” and API key?

  • “headless”: a parameter used to run AdsPower in headless mode
  • API key: an API key is a unique identifier used by Local APIs as authentification in headless mode. Each account has its own API key, which can be used to allow the use of Local APIs on multiple devices by one account.

How to run in headless mode?

1. Get the API key.

  • Windows: AdsPower.exe — headless=true — api-key=XXXX — api-port=50325
  • MacOS: /Applications/ — args — headless=true — api-key=XXXX — api-port=50325

Non-headless vs headless

In non-headless mode, the login to an account is restricted to one device, while in headless mode, the login to an account from multiple devices is allowed.


Q: Can I run the software in non-headless mode and in headless mode simultaneously?
A: No.



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