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Overview of the Partner Center

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Trusted Partners of AdsPower

The first 18 certificated partners listed in the AdsPower Partner Center provide a wide spectrum of services, such as web service, training, advertising, affiliate network, payment method, E-commerce store building (DTC), and E-commerce platform, and they service users from Europe, America and Mainland of China.

What can you do to participate in the process as a user?

  • Share information: keep in touch with your Channel Manager at AdsPower and let us know your insights into the industry and your needs of resources.
  • Leave comments: leave your opinions and feedback under any of our official accounts (like Telegram channel).
  • Refer friends: recommend AdsPower to your groups, refer your friends and earn from this.

What can you get from us as a partner?

  • Go-to-market resources: raise the brand awareness and popularity of both sides.
  • Business development: share business opportunities and leads with each other and make communication between partners and potential users easier.
  • Technical support: explore possibilities of advanced multi-account management solutions together.
  • Referral rewards: get higher commissions for promoting AdsPower and serving our customers.



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