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2 min readFeb 18, 2022

In these months, we’ve been exploring the possibilities of expanding the range of customization and now it’s time to show you something exciting. It’s not rare that large teams with a number of members expect customized services, from product features to dashboard design. You asked for it — we made it! Here we’re presenting AdsPower Plus, a new version for satisfying all needs for branded customization.

What’s special about AdsPower Plus

Strong Brand Identity

You can customize your company name and logo in the AdsPower app, and these elements will be visible from all interfaces.

Flexible Operations

You can have our methods adapted to your team’s preferences, which saves the training costs for the team and shortens the learning time for employees.

A Larger Volume

120+ member seats and storage of 60+ thousands profiles are available.

Parallel with Other Versions

It’s easy to transfer all profiles to AdsPower Plus from any other version of AdsPower, and nothing will be changed.

Real-Time Updates

Even working with a different app, you won’t miss any new features with AdsPower Plus being timely updated.

Designated Consultancy

Once subscribed to AdsPower Plus, a Product Consultant, who will respond to your feedback at any time, will be assigned to your team.

In short…

AdsPower Plus is tailored for teams that require brand awareness across the team. Provision of AdsPower Plus is based on an annual subscription that costs from $36,000/year. Good news is that you can get a discount of 20% off the first purchase. If more member seats and profiles are needed, it’s allowed to buy additional plans. Contact our online support to start your customization!

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