AdsPower’s New Fingerprint Updates: Enhance Your Online Privacy

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3 min readJul 1, 2021

Many online privacy-minded people, like our users, are aware of the fact that hiding browser fingerprints is an important method of preventing browser fingerprinting. Now we are presenting several updates that are of good help with respect to hiding your online identity!

Updated Database of User Agents

A user agent is any software that retrieves, renders and facilitates end user interaction with Web content, or whose user interface is implemented using Web technologies

The newly updated database of user agents allows users to customize the user agent or get a new random one by clicking “Change”.

Why did we decide to update the database? By doing so, we can provide more options of user agents, followed by a wider range of browser environments. In this way, the possibility of being detected by websites will decrease as each user agent is less being used.

When changing the user agent in a regular browser, you’d probably be detected by the website as a fraud. But if you do the same in AdsPower, you’ll be less likely to be given out by the user agent for its high genuiness.

New Fingerprint Updates

  • Plugins

The plugin list can be obtained “navigator.plugins”, and it reveals the installed plugins on the browser. Some plugins like Adobe and Native Client allow retrieving uniquely identifiable data points about the parent machine. To avoid this, you need to cloak these plugins.

How to check if your plugins are cloaked?

1. Update AdsPower to the latest version (v3.6.2 or above). The plugins are cloaked by default.

2. Check your local browser environment and the browser environment of AdsPower on

The plugins codes of these two browser environments are the same, which means the website is not aware of that you’re visiting through a 3rd-party tool.

  • ClientRects

Switching on “ClientRects”, the hash string of your device will be cloaked, which helps preventing multiple browser sessions from being linked together.

Check your local browser environment and the browser environment of AdsPower on

With “ClientRects” on, the Rects codes of AdsPower browser profiles are different from that one of local browser environment.

Download the latest version

Download the latest version and try more new features: