Antidetect browsers and VK. Working with AdsPower

Antidetect browser

Let’s go over the main areas where antidetect browser can create value for arbitrageurs once again:

  1. Anonymity and security.
  2. Create accounts with unique fingerprints in the region you want, and the bypassing of antifraud systems.
  3. Easy to work with multiaccounts, all the necessary information is in one place.
  4. Efficient and secure distribution of tasks in the team, progress tracking.
  5. Automation of work processes to save time.
  • Fast and easy import of a large number of accounts
  • Native RPA automation
  • Attractive price for 100–1000 and more accounts

Paid traffic in VK

Of course, for quality traffic and good conversions in VK, the main sources of traffic are targeted ads and community ads.

Free traffic in VK

Free is, of course, a relative thing. The cost of time to set up automation and select the target audience will not escape, and can sometimes exceed the total cost of paid traffic. There are also two main areas: earning money from your own community and mass mailings (spam).

Features of moderation in VK

In VK, moderation is checked by a live person. And where there is the human factor, completely different results are possible. The same creative can be viewed by different moderators and some may skip it without looking into details.


There is a particularity in the work with VK, but for this reason alone, you should not ignore this platform. It does not stay in place, and in the new conditions can be extremely perspective. Antidetect browser with automation can help you a lot in the traffic. Good luck!



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