Arbitrage Automation with AdsPower


Let’s start with the definition. RPA or Robotic process automation, as its name implies, is the process of automation with the help of robots (or bots). In other words, it is a programmed sequence of actions that are done automatically. In general, RPA is being implemented everywhere and in many fields, because automation is one of the main sources of growth for business.

Payment for RPA

RPA functions are not free, you can pay for the algorithms you need in the corresponding menu.

RPA launch

After completing all the settings and paying for RPA, select the required profile and click on the RPA icon.


In this article, we talked about setting up automation in our browser. For a professional arbitrage specialist, this is an essential tool for their own development. If you have more ideas for templates, or if you have any questions, then, as always, welcome to our social networks.



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