Browser Automation in AdsPower: Quickly Growing Your Business

Unique RPA automation in AdsPower

What is RPA automation?

RPA (or Robotic Process Automation) is the process of automating repetitive actions with bots. We’ve previously told about the benefits of automation in arbitrage. In a nutshell, RPA helps you program bots according to your individual needs and increase the efficiency of processing routine tasks.

Principles of RPA in AdsPower

There are 2 payment models of AdsPower’s RPA automation: one is based on the number of real actions (each action costs a certain amount of RPA points), and the other is based on subscription.

Local API

Local API is an open-for-programming tool for getting more information, managing profiles, automatically opening and closing the browser, preparing configurations for accounts and other actions.

Facebook Automation

Another available automation option is the automation of actions prepared specifically for Facebook, which is suitable for work with personal Facebook accounts.

Growing your business further

Automation from AdsPower is something that doesn’t require a lot of skills and will help your business move forward by saving a lot of working time and building routine activities the way you want. Almost the entire process of customizing automation is intuitive, but if you still have questions, the AdsPower team will always be happy to help.



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