Can You Have Multiple TikTok Accounts? A Complete Guide

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7 min readJun 17, 2024


In 2023, TikTok had 1.5 billion active users, and this number is expected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2024.

The growth is incredible. People are making a handsome amount of money from the platform. There’s no rocket science behind it, you can earn from TikTok too.

You’ve got more than one side to your creativity on TikTok. You could be a master chef by day, and a lip-sync pro by night.

Or you’re building a brand but also love sharing funny pet videos.

The solution is simple — make multiple TikTok accounts. The more successful established accounts you own, the more money you make.

It’s simple math.

Stick by and let us break down the ‘simple math’ of creating multiple TikTok accounts for you.

Why Create Multiple TikTok Accounts?

Love TikTok, but feel like your content is all over the place? You’re not alone.

Many creators use multiple accounts to keep things organized.

As the saying goes, “2 are better than 1”

It’s important to keep the “funny cooking fails” audience separate from your dance fans because the two are not cut from the same cloth.

Multiple accounts let you target different interests.

Moreover, it’s perfect for keeping your personal life and professional brand separate.

Nobody would want to see a cat video in a business consulting account.

Having a second TikTok account can serve as a way to experiment too. Trying a new trend? Don’t confuse your main audience! A separate account lets you test the waters and see what clicks with a fresh crowd.

How To Create A Second TikTok Account?

Anything is considered half-done once you have started it.

The same goes with TikTok. Getting the reach, gaining followers, and earning money are the things after you create your TikTok account.

Creating multiple accounts can be a great way to explore different content areas and connect with specific audiences.

Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

1. Signing Up

Creating a TikTok account is easy! You can use your phone number or email address. Go to Tiktok’s official website or download their app. Then, click on sign up and just follow the on-screen instructions within the app and choose a secure password.

2. Use Unique Phone Numbers

While creating multiple TikTok accounts, keep in mind that you can use the same email address for each, but you’ll need a unique phone number for each additional account you create. This ensures your accounts stay separate and organized.

3. Ready to Get Started?

With a few accounts set up, you can step into the fun part of creating content tailored to different interests!

Keep on reading to learn more about content strategies and ways to manage multiple TikTok accounts.

How To Manage Multiple TikTok Accounts?

You may have niches to target, content ideas, and everything in between. But what about the primary thing i.e. managing all of the accounts?

Here are some ways to manage multiple TikTok accounts at once with ease:

1. Separate Accounts On Separate Phones

This method is a no-brainer. You can use different devices like phones or tablets for each account.

Simply download the TikTok app on each device and sign up using unique phone numbers or email addresses (remember, one email address works for all, but phone numbers need to be different).

This keeps your accounts completely separate and avoids any accidental mix-ups.

2. Multiple Accounts On the Same Device

It’s okay if you don’t have more than one device. Don’t bring coals to Newcastle.

You can use multiple accounts directly within the TikTok app on your device.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the TikTok app and look for your profile page icon (it’s located in the bottom right corner).
  2. On your profile page, tap on your username at the top.
  3. You’ll see an option to “Add account.” Tap on that.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new account. You can use a different email address or a unique phone number (remember, only three accounts are allowed on one device).

Now, you have multiple accounts on one device!

Make sure to switch between accounts using the username option on your profile page. This allows you to manage your content and stay organized across all your accounts.

3. Power Up with AdsPower

The first two methods are great for getting started.

But managing multiple TikTok accounts can become time-consuming and your accounts may get banned as well, especially as your content grows. This is where AdsPower comes in!

If you’re managing numerous accounts, a multi-accounting browser like AdsPower could be exactly what you need. It’s designed specifically for multi-accounting, allowing you to create and manage separate profiles, each with their own cookies and browsing history, almost like having separate devices. Plus, it automates repetitive registration tasks, saving you both time and effort.

This guide will show you how to set up separate profiles in AdsPower specifically for your TikTok accounts. Alternatively, you can watch a video tutorial for a quicker walkthrough.

Download the AdsPower app and log in. Click on the “New Profile” button to create a new profile.

Let’s explore how to create separate profiles for managing your multiple accounts. AdsPower offers three methods to achieve this: Single Create, Batch Create, and Quick Create.

Single Create:

1. This method allows you to configure a single profile with a specific proxy. A proxy acts like an intermediary between your device and the internet, potentially offering benefits like increased privacy or location anonymity.

2. Choose the type of proxy you want to use (e.g., HTTP, HTTPS).

3. Fill in the proxy information, including the IP address and port number.

4. Click the “Check Proxy” button to verify if the proxy is functioning correctly.

Batch Create:

1. This option is ideal if you need to create numerous profiles at once, perhaps for managing several social media accounts.

2. Under “Information,” you’ll find a downloadable template. This template allows you to specify details for each profile, such as platform username and password (details will vary depending on the platform).

3. Download the template, fill in the necessary information for each profile, and upload it back to AdsPower.

Quick Create:

1. This method is useful for quickly generating a batch of profiles without predefined login credentials.

2. You can choose between random or custom user-agent strings. A user-agent string identifies your browser and operating system to websites.

3. Specify the quantity of profiles you want to create (e.g., 50).

4. Click “OK” and AdsPower will generate the profiles for you.

Once you’ve created a profile using any of these methods, click the “Open” button to launch the profile and start managing your accounts!

AdsPower is a helpful third-party tool designed specifically for creators who juggle multiple social media accounts, including TikTok. Here are some reasons why AdsPower might be a good fit for you:

  • All-in-One Dashboard: Manage all your TikTok accounts from one central location.
  • Organized Organization: Keep your content streams separate and organized and reduce the risk of accidental mix-ups or shadowbans (limited reach) that can occur with frequent switching between accounts on one device.
  • No Account Limits: Unlike the three-account limit on a single device, AdsPower lets you manage as many accounts as you need, which is perfect for growing creators.

AdsPower gets more appealing when you consider its pricing plans. There’s a free version with no time limit. If that doesn’t meet your needs, you can get a paid subscription for as low as $5.4 per month.

Sounds amazing, right? So, sign up for AdsPower today and create unlimited TikTok accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you have multiple TikTok accounts with the same email/phone number?

Yes, you can use the same email address for multiple accounts. However, each account needs a unique phone number.

2. Can you have multiple TikTok accounts on the same phone?

Yes! You can add up to three additional accounts directly within the TikTok app.

3. Is there a limit on how many accounts you can have?

Technically, no limit exists if you use different devices and phone numbers for each account. The TikTok app itself limits you to three accounts on a single device.