Datacenter Proxies vs. Residential Proxies: Your Final Guide

Datacenter IP vs. Residential IP

The datacenter IP is an IP address from a secondary cooperation, usually provided by the cloud server provider, while the residential IP serves as an IP address from a standard Internet Service Provider (ISP) and is linked to a real geographic location.

What is Datacenter IP?

No ISP directly assigns a datacenter IP address or provides us with an Internet connection. Usually the IP address is leased by the server or VPS provider/DNS system or other cloud application services etc.

What is residential IP?

When we browse on the Internet, we need to purchase internet service from internet service providers to access the internet via broadband, local DSL or fiber optic cable.

Datacenter IP vs. Residential IP

Both datacenter IP and residential IP are anonymous. They are both useful for people who need to stay anonymous online by leading the website to believe that you’re located in another place.

Datacenter IP

  • Faster network speed
  • More stable performance
  • More affordable

Residential IP

  • Web services trust residential IPs
  • Ensured reliability and security

Which proxies should we choose?

Only if we figure out the differences between the two types of proxies can we choose the right one based on our needs.



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