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4 min readJun 3, 2024


A well-crafted creative is half the battle. For an affiliate marketer, the key is to overcome banner blindness, capture the user’s attention, and motivate them to perform a specific action.

A direct nutra advertiser Everad has put together a comprehensive checklist to help you create highly effective creatives that consistently generate strong and profitable results.

What Helps a Creative Convert Well?

Creating effective creatives starts with understanding your target audience. Begin by identifying their main interests, demographics, income, and other details that can be used in both the text and visual design of your offer.

When developing creatives for nutra offers, it’s crucial to address the audience’s insecurity points:

  • For “weight management” products, emphasize that excess weight not only shortens the person’s life but also makes them less attractive;
  • When promoting products for musculoskeletal health, evoke a sense of youth and nostalgia, reminding the audience of times when they had no joint issues;
  • For men’s health products, highlight benefits for not just the user but their partner as well.

Example 1: The YouTube button encourages people to click the image, while the mysterious actions with a lemon and an ear spark curiosity, making them want to follow the link to see what happens next.

Example 2: The ad clearly relates to vision and uses a popular before-and-after format, making its purpose immediately understandable.

Example 3: Once again, the unusual setup and YouTube button draw attention. Creatives like this are always eye-catching.

Use bright, eye-catching images that stand out in the feed. Avoid color combinations that are commonly used by your competitors or that blend in with the typical social media feed.

A common mistake made by affiliates is blindly copying successful strategies from other experts without adapting them to their audience and budget. Additionally, many beginners try to apply tactics from one GEO to another, which occasionally works but often results in wasted budgets.

To make sure your creatives don’t just end up draining your budget, make sure to:

  • Thoroughly study your audience;
  • Get inspired to design your own creatives, don’t just copy them;
  • Use different approaches — sometimes plain text can be just as attention-grabbing as visuals;
  • Experiment with colors — a well-chosen combination can make all the difference.

Types of Well-Converting Creatives

Effective creatives are crucial for successful advertising campaigns. Here are some types of creatives, their pros and cons, and tips for designing and optimizing them:

Static images and banners:

  • Description: Static images, banners, or graphical ads;
  • Pros: Easy to create, quick to understand, effective for direct sales;
  • Cons: Limited options for conveying detailed information, may go unnoticed;
  • Tips: Use bright colors, clear fonts, and eye-catching images.


  • Description: Short videos, GIF animations, or slideshows;
  • Pros: Dynamic, great for storytelling, highly engaging;
  • Cons: Time-consuming and potentially expensive to create;
  • Tips: Keep videos short and highlight key points.

Dynamic ads:

  • Description: Ads that adapt based on context, such as dynamic titles or images;
  • Pros: Personalization, higher conversion rates;
  • Cons: More complex to set up, requires additional resources;
  • Tips: Utilize dynamic elements that are relevant to the user.

These were the most relevant ad formats used to promote nutra offers.

How to Design Well-Converting Creatives

To design effective advertising creatives, consider the following:

  • Relevant advertising trends;
  • The national and cultural characteristics of your target GEO;
  • The format and placement of your ads.

After reviewing the points above, start crafting your effective advertising creatives:

  • Ensure the text stands out clearly against a colored background;
  • Use attractive images or comparisons;
  • Consider using associations or obscuring any provocative elements to avoid detection by AI mods;
  • Experiment with different slogans and offer placements;

Don’t forget to add a clear CTA to your text or image.

Some useful services we recommend for creating high-converting creatives include:

  • Deepfake video applications like DeepFaceLab. These can save you money on hiring actors and use recognizable faces to boost conversion rates;
  • ChatGPT and similar tools for writing short descriptions for ads, generating ideas, and finding inspiration.

That’s all for today’s tips on designing highly effective creatives. Wishing you successful campaigns and see you next time!

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