Farming Facebook Accounts

Farming or account warming — what it is?

In short, it’s a process of increasing an account’s “reputation” in the eyes of antifraud systems. On many sites, the function that is available for a particular account depends on how much this account can be “trusted” by the system. Today let’s talk about farming accounts on Facebook, where it is particularly valuable.

Why do you need to farm or warm up accounts on Facebook?

Without it, you can’t even spend very small amounts of money on advertising, and many advertising creatives won’t pass the checks and will be blocked. The checks themselves are also time-consuming.

What do you need to prepare?

1. A complete profile of a real person: photo, personal information, phone number, date of birth, password, mail and bank card.

The principles of account warming

All photos and texts that you prepare must be unique. The more unique they are, the more trust you get from the system.

Here’s how it works:

1. First you need to register. It’s better not to do it directly, but through third-party sites that support Facebook login.

A few more features

You can increase activity in your account by sending messages from a girl’s page in a dating or political public forum with an explicit opinion that differs from that of the majority.



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