Farming Google Ads Accounts with the Anti-detect Browser

Google Ads

Farming accounts for Google Ads is necessary. In addition to avoiding quick bans, for a high allowable billing size and minimizing the number of payments not be marked as suspicious. Accounts with a good reputation are also quickly appealed.


There are just a few basic things you need to prepare. If you have long-range plans for each of your accounts, take the process of selecting the right components for farming seriously.

Sequence of actions

Day 1. Create a new profile in anti-detect browser and register your mail on not the most popular service, such as Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo. Immediately start collecting cookies. In other words, go to many different popular sites. Later we will use this mail as a backup.

What should we pay attention to?

- adhere to the principle of diversity, avoid completely identical actions, or too “professional”, with copypastes in 2 seconds of all the information on one account;



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