How to Choose A Proxy?

1. Data charging

2. Monthly billing

3. Pay-per-use

Choose a proxy in 911s5 app
Import the chosen proxy in AdsPower
  • Cheap proxies: share proxies tend to be the cheapest type of proxies. Shared proxies are IP addresses that are used by multiple users at the same time. A shared proxy can be used to register accounts on different websites or all on the same one. So if you fail to register a new account on some website using a proxy, probably it’s because the website has detected that your IP address is related to another newly registered account.
  • Expensive proxies: some proxy providers offer a large amount of proxies at higher prices. These proxies are cleaner, so you can expect better performance and speed when using them. Moreover, paying more means you will be enjoying more services, like after-sales technical support.





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