How to Choose An Antidetect Browser

  • What is antidetect browser?
  • What is it used for?
  • What you should consider when choosing an antidetect browser?

What is antidetect browser?

Antidetect browser has become an extremely popular tool for optimizing many online processes. Let’s go over the basic concept: what exactly is antidetect browser?

  • User Agent
  • geolocation
  • language
  • time zone
  • font

What is antidetect browser used for?

In general, for more freedom on the Internet as your digital identity will be hidden. For some people, the fact itself is important. Most often, of course, it is used for commercial purposes. Here are some main cases:

  • Bypassing restrictions and anti-fraud systems;
  • Multi-accounting: to create unlimited number of accounts on one website with greater convenience and lower probability of bans;
  • Farming accounts: warming up accounts to the point where the system starts to trust you;
  • Publication of multiple reviews: useful for promotion;
  • Automation of browser tasks: very important for completing a large number of routine tasks;
  • Teamwork from one place: to streamline workflows for efficient collaboration

How to find an antidetect browser that suits yourself?


First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that all the functionality you need works properly. Quality, stable, and secure operation always come in the first place. In addition to basic tasks, each antidetect browser may have additional features that make it stand out among others. You can always find the key advantages of the product on the website, as well as for whom the browser is suitable.

Price and profiles

Price is the baseline at all times. It depends on many parameters:

  • functionality;
  • tasks for which the anti-detect is suitable;
  • number of available profiles in the tariff
  • number of unique fingerprints
  • frequency of updates for current versions of common browsers
  • etc.


Will it be suitable for beginners and for people who are far from complex actions? Will it be easy to use for a large team and how quickly it will be adapted? If you are a big professional in your business, are all the features you need available: number of available profiles, import speed, automation, etc.? You should ask yourself such questions before making up your mind.

Customer service

If you use antidetect browser, you will often have individual inquiries that need to be handled privately anyway. With effective support, you can quickly deal with any problems you encounter. In AdsPower, you can get connected with multilingual (English, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese) and expert support either via in-app/on-site live chat or via email. See what our customers say about our service.


In 2022, such a tool as antidetect browser has become even more relevant as more players getting in the industry of affiliate marketing, traffic arbitrage, etc. In order not to complicate your life, before you choose a new browser, run through the main points described in this article and choose what is right for you. Antidetect Browser is all about focusing on long-term, productive work. The AdsPower team will always be happy to help you. We are on social networks. Good luck!



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