How to Farm Accounts on Facebook

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4 min readAug 10, 2021


Every arbitrageur has heard about Facebook algorithms and how hard it is to make a long-lived account. Without warming up and farming, accounts die very quickly, even running ads and reaching a spread of 10 dollars won’t work.

Farming is a complicated process. No one knows exactly how the social network algorithms work and how they decide which account to ban and which not. This guide is written on the basis of many years of experience of dozens of arbitrageurs and will lift the veil of secrecy.


Facebook actively fights the violation of rules, so, to drive traffic to your hub, there are a few actions that will help farm the account, preventing it from being blocked for as long as possible. For good farming you need to prepare:

  • Bank card;
  • Virtual machine. Each account requires its own individual virtual machine. Each account must have its own individual browser fingerprint.
  • Photos of persons (in one selfie the face must be clearly visible);
  • Proxies. Maximum unique and sold ONLY in one hand. Proxies from the same country as the account itself;
  • SIM cards;
  • Computer and separately smartphone on android.


  • One virtual machine — one proxy with one account. There is no other way. We recommend creating a profile for each account in anti-detection browsers, such as AdsPower.
  • Language of your operating system and language of the region of the Facebook profile and the proxy should be the same
  • Time zone of your operating system settings and proxy should be the same.
  • Most importantly, disable WebRTC in your browser
  • Disable Flash and ban tracking sites.


#1 Registration or purchase

During registration, you need to confirm your phone number, which is what the new sim card is for. Next, upload a photo. Ideally, you should take it with your phone, but you can also get one from the Internet. The thing is that it should not be indexed in search engines.

An important nuance is filling the location (city of residence):

  • If you use a mobile phone, you should not turn off the locating feature. Specify the city in which you are, because that’s what most people would do.
  • If you register on a PC and use a proxy, then write down the city of residence as the one, in which your proxy is located. Before registering, also set the language and local time of that city.

#2 Maintaining the page

The main task of an arbitrageur during farming is to imitate the actions of a real person. All people are different, some are active and leave a large number of likes at once, repost a lot of publications and make posts every hour, while some do not scatter the likes and their activity is lower. But they are all consistent in their actions, there’s no need to drastically change the pattern of behavior.

It’s best to do 5–10 likes, a few comments and one post a day, this is the most common type of behavior on Facebook.

Each user has his own list of friends, so they should on the account that is being farmed as well. You don’t need to send out a large number of requests yourself. Just select someone with more than 500 friends and add them, after that people will start adding you themselves. You can do community posts, it works especially well with dating groups. If you receive a lot of requests for friends, do not add all at once. For the first few days, accept requests from 20–30 people, then fasten the pace. It is good when the people added are from the same city that is listed in the location.

#3 Creating the first ad

When at least 5 days have passed since registration, you can create a public page on behalf of which the campaign will be launched. It is better to make it neutral and not salesy, for example, call it “Tender Sunshine”, but not “Shoe Shop”. Fill out all the information about the page in as much detail as possible and publish neutral posts within a couple of days.

#4 Full launch

Once all the farming is done, you can start launching the main ad campaign. Even if it will be gray, the account will last longer, because Facebook is already familiar with you and won’t do any additional checks, at least it will give you some time to spin your ads.

Any farming can’t guarantee success. The system algorithms sometimes give out very strange things, so it’s recommended to farm multiple accounts at once to have a backup plan.