How to Grow Your Facebook Page Organically

A brand new business or a small business can find it challenging to try to grow the Facebook Page from scratch. Of course Facebook Ads can be a great source of new reach and engagement, but can your marketing budget afford to be spent only on Facebook Ads?

In this article we’ll show you several tips to grow your Facebook page organically. Keep scrolling down and see what is helpful for you!

1. Post great content that gets liked and shared

Great content is more than just sharing articles from other sites. It’s a combination of personality, education, service to your community, inspiration, and fun. People are on Facebook to be social. Boring business sales messages aren’t enough.

You can share posts from other Pages but strive for a lot of original content — where you are uploading images directly to your page (mind the copyright laws), posting good articles, or making videos.

Watch your Facebook Insights to see what types of posts are working for you.

2. Invite friends, family, and colleagues to like your page and share

Don’t underestimate the power of your own network! Encourage your community to like and share your page and be enthusiastic about it! While your friends and family are not your target audience, their friends and the people they network with may be. By leveraging existing relationships, you can reliably get your organic Facebook traffic to increase.

If you have less than 100K likes on your page, Facebook also lets you invite people who have reacted to any of your organic posts.

If you have very limited Facebook friends to invite, creating your own accounts and use them to like to like your page can also be a good idea. But owning multiple accounts always leads to your accounts being suspected or banned by Facebook. Here where an antidetect browser can help.

Take AdsPower as an example. You can use its local API to complete some automatic operations, like automatic page creation, automatic liking, and automatic browsing.

AdsPower also provides RPA for Facebook automation, which is easier to use to those who have weak knowledge in writing scripts.

3. Link and comment on other posts using your Facebook page

This is not a new strategy by any means, however, it’s so easy to overlook the potential behind using your Facebook page to engage with other similar pages on Facebook.

This is not a new strategy by any means, however, it’s so easy to overlook the potential behind using your Facebook page to engage with other similar pages on Facebook.

4. Link to your business page from your personal profile

This goes without saying and is such a simple thing to do. Yet very few folks actually do it.

If you haven’t already done so, then go ahead and do it right now! Let all your friends, families, and perhaps some professional contacts on your friend’s list — know that you have a Facebook business page that they might be interested in.

Let them know that you work there and that they can follow your updates on your page.




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