How to Make the Most of Facebook Marketing

Before you get started…

If you’re working with a limited budget, we’ve got some good news: setting up a Facebook Page for your business is absolutely free.

Types of Facebook posts

Now that you’ve got a Facebook Business Page to call your own… it’s time to create some content.

  • Facebook text post (a.k.a. status post)
  • Facebook photo post
  • Facebook video post
  • Facebook Live video post
  • Linked content post (aka link posts)
  • Facebook Stories
  • Pinned post
  • Facebook Watch Party
  • More hot options

How to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy

It doesn;t matter which channel you use, you need to develop a strategy. This will help you clearly establish your goals, choose the best techniques to reach them, define your target audience, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and improve. Below, we outline a plan that is universal for any business wanting to develop a Facebook marketing strategy.

  • generating leads;
  • nurturing and qualifying your leads;
  • driving traffic to a website;
  • increasing conversions and sales;
  • improving customer support;
  • raising brand awareness;
  • boosting customer engagement;
  • recruitment.
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Click-to-Messenger Ads



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