Manage Browsers and Proxies with AdsPower (Luminati)

AdsPower browser management tool

AdsPower is a multi-login browser management tool suitable for Windows and Mac operating systems. The main AdsPower functions include:

  • Multi-Account Management
  • Dealing with the latest browser fingerprinting techniques by setting a specific browser fingerprint for each account
  • Proxy servers integration for more efficient browsing

Proxy integration in AdsPower

Using proxies unlocks many opportunities for the best browsing experience. For example, you can access geo-blocked content, surf the web anonymously, or use proxies for web scraping to acquire required publicly available information from the websites.

How to automatically match Luminati’s dynamic residential IPs in AdsPower

Since AdsPower itself does not have its own proxy service or Residential Ip network, you are going to need to match your desired IPs from Luminati in AdsPower as follows:


Integration with smooth proxies greatly improves AdsPower’s ability as a tool which can be used to streamline your browsing efficiency and enhance your privacy while performing data collection tasks. In our next post, we’ll prepare a guide for configuring Oxylabs proxies in AdsPower.



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