New Release: AdsPower 3.12

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2 min readDec 21, 2021


The latest release of AdsPower 3.12 marks important news: Sun Browser core was updated to Chrome 96. We would like to remind all users to download the latest version to increase your success rate.

Sun Browser core updated to Chrome 96

What came with this update was the expansion of User Agents — a wider range of UA are provided. Tests Passed

With the Sun Browser core updated to Chrome 96, we have successfully fixed problems with fingerprint settings in the latest version. Now browser profiles running on both Windows and MacOS will pass tests.

64-bit Installation Package

We launched the 64-bit installation package, which takes up less RAM, and thus the 64-bit AdsPower app is more responsive and faster to start.

AdsPower Global

We released a new version of the AdsPower app — AdsPower Global. What makes it special is that IP purchase is available inside the app.

Download AdsPower Global:

Change IP URL

A new feature is added in the proxy settings: change IP URL. For users who use mobile proxies most of the time, it saves the trouble of switching between the proxy dashboard and the AdsPower app. After configuring a mobile proxy in a browser profile, paste the Change IP URL and get a new IP address immediately and directly in AdsPower.

Apart from all these updates on the AdsPower app, we also want to announce exciting news — our new website has been launched!

Visit now:

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