RPA Recorder — Customize Your Own RPA Workflow with One Click

The new feature of AdsPower RPA can automate a bunch of repetitive tasks on Facebook and Amazon, helping improve your efficiency and effectiveness. AdsPower provides some templates, such as “Create FB posts”, “Add to cart on Amazon”, etc. But we should admit the fact that only the users themselves know what exactly they need for boosting their businesses. Therefore, today we’re presenting a brand new RPA plug-in — RPA recorder to assist you with customize your own RPA workflow.

What’s good about RPA recorder?

RPA recorder can be used for automation in ANY websites. Once you finish recording a particular process, you can import it as an RPA task, then you can execute the task in your profiles.

There are two strengths of RPA recorder that are worth paying attention to:

I. Simplify the process of creating new RPA templates.
II. Quickly customize RPA workflows

How to use RPA recorder?

1. Install the plug-in

1) Application center -> Recorder action -> Turn on the plug-in

2) Open a random profile from “Profile Management” and check if the plug-in has been turned on.

2. Start recording

1) Open a profile, in which you’ve logged in to an Amazon account. Run the RPA recorder plug-in and click on “Record now”.

2) Search for a product, let’s say, AirPods, then browse the results and add one to cart. The recorder will record the whole process.

3) When finishing recording, click on “Stop” and “Export”.

4) Go back to AdsPower, create an RPA task and edit the name, then import the process that has just been exported (RPA Robot -> Processes -> Create a task flow -> Import -> Add).

5) Go to “Profile Management”, choose a profile, in which you want to run the new RPA process.

* If you want to know how the task goes, go to RPA Robot -> Task details and check the results.

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