Selling on Facebook: 6 Tips to Increase Facebook Sales

1. Optimize your Fan Page to sell successfully on Facebook

The first thing to do if you want to increase your sales on Facebook is to confirm that you are attracting potential buyers. To do this, I advise you to optimize your profiles on Facebook and other social networks.

  • Fill in all the information you can on your Facebook page (especially the Info section about your brand).
  • Include links to your website.
  • Optimize the design of your Fan Page so it looks professional (You can learn how to do so in this article).
  • Take advantage of Facebook Tabs to include access to your online store.
  • Feature a highlighted video on the Video tab in order to display a presentation of your brand or your most important developments.

2. Answer your audience’s questions

As you know, on Social Media, interaction is key. Being able to connect with your brand is the reason why a lot of people follow you on Facebook. According to a report by the specialized site, 46% of people consult a brand’s social media profile before making a purchase.

3. Post Custom Ads on Facebook

As we said earlier in this post, Facebook has been optimized over the years to provide the best opportunities for advertisers. This includes the ability to advertise with a degree of segmentation on Facebook higher than ever, through Custom Audiences.

4. Combine Facebook & Email Marketing

Offer something of value (using a Facebook lead generation ad) that provides motivation for them to sign up to your email list. Whether it’s a free trial, a free product, or a free app, the goal is to capture their email address.

5. Employ Scrolling Images

Everyone loves a slide show, right? OK well, maybe it depends what you’re showing. Scrolling ads can show multiple ads on the same screen, presenting multiple products and keeping your visitor curious. It can also brilliantly highlight options for the same product, like different colors for a particular piece of jewelry.

6. Use Short (15–20 Second) Video Ads

Earlier this year, Facebook updated its algorithm to favor videos. Do you regularly create infographics for your site? Custom images? Find an animator who can create a video out of those animations, and upload them to Facebook. Then amplify those videos using Facebook Ads to increase their reach.



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