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2 min readJun 7, 2022

AdsPower announces another special offer, which will last for a whole month. If you’ve been waiting for the suitable moment to renew or prolong your subscription or to recommend AdsPower to your friends, colleagues or partners, the time is now!

Event time limitation: 01.06.2022–30.06.2022

Conditions of participation: New and existing users can participate this event (except for users of customized plan).

Terms and conditions of the promotion:

Our special offer consists of three pleasant benefits that we are very happy to share with you!

First benefit

Get a discount if you buy a package for a long term

Subscription for 3 months- 12% off

Subscription for 6 months- 22% off

Subscription for 12 months- 32% off

Subscription for 18 months- 38.2% off

(*For 18-month subscription, please contact our customer service)

Second Benefit

You can get an extra 5% commission refund for successful purchase.

Third benefit

This bonus is valid for users who use the referral program, valid from 09.2021


1. First Benefit: To purchase an 18-month subscription, you need to contact our customer service and make a manual top-up.

2. Second Benefit: If you successfully purchase any package, you will be able to get additional cashback of 5% of the purchase amount. The cashback will be paid for the duration of the subscription chosen by the user. The funds will be transferred to your personal account at the end of the month (see “Referral Program” in your profile for details), and will be available for withdrawal.

For example, a user bought a subscription for $120 for 12 months, then at the end of each month he will receive $0.5.

3. Third Benefit: you need to simultaneously meet the requirements on the number of attracted companies that will make a purchase and on the top-up amount by these companies. Bonuses of the three levels do not add up. All bonuses will be transferred to your personal account (see the table for details), funds will be available for withdrawal.

*AdsPower reserves the right to final interpretation of the rules for this special event.