Switching to AdsPower in Steps

AdsPower Browser
2 min readJul 28, 2022

Over 50 users have successfully moved to AdsPower in 5 days after the launch of our special offer. And we’ve received a lot of questions about how to move to AdsPower. Here are the instructions.

1. Request the Dolphin API login interface to get token: https://anty-api.com/auth/login

2. Use token as request header to ask for account list: https://anty-api.com/browser_profiles

3. Iterate over the proxy ID in the account list and request to get the detailed proxy configuration: https://anty-api.com/proxy

4. Open and log in AdsPower, click API in the left column to see the access port of Local API and API document: http://apidoc.adspower.net/localapi/local-api-v1.html

5. Directly through the Dolphin account information obtained above, request to import the iterated converted fingerprint pass parameters into AdsPower: /api/v1/user/create

6. After the API conversion request, choose the bulk export cookie in Dolphin

7. According to the text names of the exported cookie, find the profile names in AdsPower one by one, and then edit — add cookie — save

8.Finish, open the login page and start

These days several anti-detect browsers were hacked, many users have suffered data breaches, while AdsPower browser still remains safe. So do not hesitate to move to AdsPower, it will be the right choice!