TabProxy 101: Your Beginner’s Guide to Anonymous Browsing

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3 min readMar 21, 2024


The internet holds an ocean of information, but valuable information often lies hidden behind geo-restrictions and website limitations. As one of the world’s best residential proxy services, TabProxy empowers you to break down these barriers and unlock the full potential of the web.

Unmatched Anonymity & Security

If you’re looking for flexibility in online navigation, TabProxy offers a powerful solution. They provide a vast pool of real residential IP addresses, giving you the ultimate anonymity and security for tasks where privacy is paramount. Additionally, TabProxy boasts datacenter IPs, ideal for situations where high speed and reliability are essential. And for those seeking a cost-effective balance, they also offer ISP IPs, providing a blend of speed and trust at a competitive price point.

Global Reach, Unrestricted Access

With a vast pool of residential IPs from over 195 countries or cities, TabProxy grants you the freedom to gather valuable data from any location, overcoming geographical barriers.

TabProxy provides access to this large pool of residential IPs with a staggering 99.8% request success rate. This means you can collect data efficiently and reliably. Plus, you have the flexibility to change IP addresses on demand, ensuring you can always bypass restrictions and gather the information you need.

Unmatched Features for Seamless Data Collection

  • Go Everywhere: Access geo-blocked content and websites restricted in your region.
  • Scrape Without Limits: Collect vast amounts of data with TabProxy’s unlimited bandwidth.
  • Effortless Integration: Enjoy a user-friendly platform for smooth data collection workflows.

How to use AdsPower with TabProxy?

1. Open the Tabproxy personal dashboard and select the AI extraction method

2. Select any country or specify the country, here I use the “United States” example
3. Choose the protocol, format and separator according to your needs.
4. Click “Generate API link”.
5. Click “Open Link”, and then view the proxy information, and then copy the information down.

6. Open the AdsPower application and click the “New Profile” button to enter the settings page.

7. Selection of proxy type

8. Fill in the proxy information copied in step 5 and click the OK button to complete the configuration.

9. Click the Open button to enjoy the proxy.

Ready to unlock the full potential of the internet?

With TabProxy, you can tailor your online experience to fit your specific needs, whether it’s prioritizing complete anonymity, maximizing speed, or finding a budget-friendly option.

Visit TabProxy’s website today to learn more about their plans and choose the perfect IP solution for your needs. Take charge of your online privacy and experience the freedom of anonymous browsing with TabProxy.