TOP 10 Antidetect Browsers in 2022


AdsPower is a reliable antidetect browser based on Chromium and FireFox. Being available on Windows and macOS, it has simple and accessible interface and provides a free version. Online support is available in English, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese. In addition to all the basic features, AdsPower offers RPA automation, with which you can set up automatic workflows of all routine tasks.


Multilogin is also available on the basis of Chromium and Firefox from Estonian developers. It’s suitable for working with multiple accounts and teamwork. Automation and integration with popular proxy providers is available. There is no trial or free plan. They have a parallel version Indigo in Russian language.

Dolphin {anty}

A Chromium-based antidetect browser with open API, customized for Facebook, Google, TikTok and traffic arbitrage. Dolphin{anty} was hacked in July 2022, after which the team compensated users for their losses.


In this browser, you can manually configure more than 20 browser fingerprints, and separate cloud storage is provided for each profile. You can work as a team with the help of collaboration features. Gologin provides a 7-day trial.


This is a browser developed by Russian-speaking programmers based on FireFox. Account can be accessed from PC, smartphone and tablet. It supports account sharing with other users within the browser. You can only work in 1 profile at a time.


Undetectable is an antidetect browser for multi-accounting, which allows you to create an unlimited number of local browser profiles. Users can be added for an additional fee. A large number of settings are available in the personal cabinet. There is an automatic bot for cookie collection.

Octo Browser

Multifunctional browser with a pleasant interface, running on the Chromium core. It is used mainly for fast teamwork. The browser has real fingerprints and can help handle a variety of tasks. It’s available on Windows and macOS.


This anti-detect browser was developed together with an arbitrage team for Facebook. It is also suitable for contextual advertising and betting.


Incogniton is a service that simulates isolated browser profiles. All profile data is securely stored in an online database or you can store it on your device.

Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is an antidetect browser based on Chromium. It was created to help testers, designers and SMM specialists work comfortably. It allows you to quickly switch between unique sessions.


In this article we have reviewed 10 popular antidetect browsers that are trusted and recognized by a large number of users. There are much more options on the market, and not all of them are included here. The main thing you should pay attention to in 2022 is reliability and stability of work, interface and functionality, quality of support and, of course, price. We wish everyone successful work!



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