Top 10 Antidetect Browsers in 2023

AdsPower Browser
6 min readJul 20, 2023


We published a list of the best antidetect browsers last year. Today, we have compiled a new list of the top browsers, which includes newcomers.

Who remains at the top of reliable browsers in 2023? What have antidetect browsers changed in the last year? This article will tell and show you everything.

Why is it important to choose a good antidetect browser ?

An antidetect browser spoofs your device information (also known as browser fingerprints) to protect your online accounts. These browsers have become essential for teams in a variety of industries, including traffic arbitrage, cryptocurrency, online marketing, advertising, and many others. Their popularity has recently increased.

As a result, it is important to consider the antidetect browser carefully. As it will take a long time for you to master and use the antidetect, it is obvious that changing your main work software every week or month is a waste of time and effort.

You should pay attention to several points when choosing an antidetect browser:

● Price/quality: Set goals for yourself, determine the number of required profiles and team members, estimate the planned work time, and compare prices for your specific request.

● Stable and secure operation: While you can read reviews, it is best to use the browser yourself. All of the other benefits are meaningless without the core product’s quality and dependability.

● Interface and functionality: The interface should be easy to use and intuitive, and the functionality should be comprehensive and flexible.

● Ecosystem: These are the partners and additional tools that the antidetect browser is designed to work with.

● Community: You can gain many insights for yourself, understand where to move and develop further, and gain first-hand experience there.

● Support service: Working with an antidetect browser involves a lot of details that are difficult to grasp without expert assistance.


AdsPower is a powerful anti-detect browser that is built on Chromium and Firefox. The website and app are now available in 12 different languages, and the design is noticeably more functional than before. Still, a simple interface with a lot of nice tweaks.

We improved automation by adding Cookie Robot, which greatly simplified account farming from scratch. Besides, we introduced a one-of-a-kind feature called Synchronizer, which greatly speeds up your work with multiple accounts by synchronizing actions in opened profiles.

Prices remain competitive, and the number of bonuses and discounts has increased. We’ve distributed a lot of promo codes through partners and communities this year. And big discounts and promotions are still being released as frequently as before.


This popular antidetect browser comes in two variants: Mimic on the Chromium engine and Stealthfox on the Firefox engine. Automation and customization are available. They have also begun testing a new product named Multilogin X.

There are still three tariffs when it comes to pricing.

Indigo Browser

The browser is based on Multilogin with an emphasis on traffic arbitrage. The design of the home page has changed a bit.

There is a new custom tariff.

Dolphin Anty

Among Russian-speaking audiences, this is a popular browser. The website has not changed in any way. Dolphin continues to concentrate on arbitrage solutions for Facebook, Google, and TikTok.

Tariffs in dollars remained unchanged. The only thing that has changed is the value of the ruble. As a result, tariffs in rubles increased by nearly 60%.

Octo Browser

The main page has remained almost entirely unchanged. Except that in order to chat with support, you must now agree to the transfer of cookies. Throughout the year, the guys did their best and released a lot of new content.

Other than that, everything else is stable.


This antidetect is Chromium-based. The design is nearly identical, with the exception of the changes in the Russian and English home pages.

The prices for the Russian version of the website are now shown in rubles. For some, it was probably more convenient, while for others, it was an embarrassment. Because the ruble exchange rate fluctuates faster than the price of a Gologin subscription in rubles, this is yet another opportunity for arbitrage!


A new addition to our list. According to the features, this browser has its own English blog and emulates human input.

There are 4 pricing packages available, one of which is free.


Another newcomer in our rating, which offers a mobile application. Chromium and Firefox based browsers are available.

In terms of price, there are only three options and two payment periods — monthly and semi-annual.

You can create an unlimited number of local profiles in Undetectable, but cloud profiles and additional users will cost you extra. The advancement in website design is noticeable.

There are a lot of tariffs, and you can tailor them to your needs.


This browser is primarily intended for Russian-speaking users. The account can be accessed from various devices, and it can be transferred. Only one profile can be active at a time. The website’s design has been improved, making it more visually appealing.

There’s only one fixed monthly tariff available in rubles, which turns out to be beneficial for those who predominantly use foreign currency.

Bottom line

The antidetect browser market is thriving and rapidly expanding. Product teams are also attempting to keep up and bring something new to the table. There is still no single solution that would suit everyone, so you must make your own decision. We hope that today’s article was helpful in selecting a reliable anti-detector for your work.