Top trends from Affiliate World in Bangkok

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3 min readDec 13, 2022


Sawadee ka! It was a splendid week for us at AdsPower — for the first time we attended the amazing Affiliate World conference in Bangkok, where we met partners and chatted with future users.

If you couldn’t make it, here are the top affiliate marketing trends for 2023.

1. Threshold is higher, but opportunities don’t decrease

Due to the global economic downturn, it is more difficult than ever to start a business in this industry. But, as has been demonstrated, challenges and opportunities are two sides of the same coin.

On the one hand, more professional expertise is required to begin a career in a well-developed industry; on the other hand, thanks to those early adopters, late comers can always find a way to stimulate knowledge before getting down here — this is even a cross-region phenomenon, as we were told by several affiliates that they always browse Russian websites and forums to get inspiration, despite the fact that they all come from non-Russian-speaking countries.

2. Affiliate marketing is booming in Asia, especially in India and SEA.

India and Southeast Asia are seeing a rapid growth in affiliate marketing — that was one of our strongest reactions to the event. We met so many Indian attendees and heard talks about the rise of Southeast Asia in the field of e-commerce.

With roughly one-sixth of the world’s total population, India is the world’s second-most populous country after China, while Southeast Asia has a population of over 492 million. As a result, these two markets are naturally attractive for expanding any type of business.

The growing popularity of e-commerce throughout India and Southeast Asia is due in part to an increase in the number of users. Traditionally, Indians and Southeast Asians prefer to shop in brick and mortar stores. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has accelerated the growth of e-commerce across these regions. High social media usage is another element that fosters affiliate marketing in India and Southeast Asia, with social media being one of the most popular channels for promoting products, particularly for influencers and advertising pros.

While India and Southeast Asia share some characteristics as “greenhorns” in affiliate marketing, differentiated strategies are required due to local preferences and market trends. Brands looking to expand in India should focus on coupon affiliates, which are the most popular type in this country. To their counterparts who want to make a real splash in Southeast Asia, how to keep up with the rise of e-wallets and live commerce remains a critical question.

3. Secure solutions to protect accounts are in demand

How to save accounts from bans never ceases to be an out-of-date topic in the world of affiliate marketing. Unlike in mature markets such as the CIS region, affiliates and agencies in other emerging markets are still in the early stages of multi-accounting. having no idea what tools to use or tactics to employ. The problem is that as anti-fraud solutions evolve, even experienced players find it increasingly difficult to keep all accounts safe and sound while adhering to platform regulations.

This is where AdsPower enters the picture. Accounts are typically banned due to inconsistencies in the browsing environments in which they are operated. Each account run in separate browser profiles in AdsPower remains in a separate, stable environment and appears to have a genuine identity with native and unique device fingerprints. Red flags and bans are the last things you want for your business, but don’t worry, AdsPower has your back all the way in affiliate marketing.