What’s New: What We Launched in April 2024

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2 min readMay 9, 2024

We are excited to bring you the latest updates this April, featuring new kernel integrations, voice recognition, and enhanced user settings for improved performance and ease of use.


Firstly, the SunBrowser kernel has been updated to Chrome 123.

We’ve introduced a built-in Voice Recognition feature, available for Chrome 120 and above kernels. You can validate this through the Google-Speech Demo, and it’s also applicable for the ChatGPT voice recognition plugin.

Our User-Agent Options have been upgraded. The Chrome type is now version 123, macOS is version 14, iOS is version 16, and Android is version 14.


We’ve added advanced filtering to Profiles.

A new filter type, “Platform”, has been added and supports both “contains” and “except” conditions.

We’ve also added “except” conditions for “Name”, “Tags”, and “Remark” filter types, and “is not” conditions for “Proxy ID”, “Country/Region”, “Proxy Type”, “IP”, and “Extension” filter types.


Our settings have been updated with new features.

You can now monitor your account’s login status on other devices and terminate the login on those devices.

We’ve also added a mobile unbinding feature to remove the association between mobile phones and specific accounts.

Action Logs

In the Action Logs, we’ve added “Profile ID” to the display information, supporting filtering and querying based on this parameter.

Include “Profile No.” and “Name” in the IP Log and Open Log information displays, supporting filtering and querying based on these parameters.

We are pleased to announce that all RPA templates, processes, and tasks are now available for free. This change enables everyone to use our RPA offerings without any costs. We encourage you to take this opportunity and see the impact of RPA on your operations.