What’s New: What We Launched in June 2024

AdsPower Browser
2 min readJul 4, 2024


AdsPower has rolled out several new updates in the last month that enhance its functionality and user experience. These updates focus on improving compatibility, expanding user-agent options, and streamlining profile and proxy management. Key highlights of the updates include:


SunBrowser has added the Chrome 126 kernel, improving compatibility between the user agent and kernel versions. The user-agent has also been updated to the Chrome 126 version, providing more user agent options.


In terms of profiles, proxy configuration now supports batch random allocation of saved proxies.

When creating profiles from an Excel file, filling the “proxyid” column with “random” will indicate random proxy allocation. This is useful for batch creating/editing profiles, quick creating profiles, and batch updating proxies.

Additionally, profile configuration has added a “Data Sync” option to manage personalized data synchronization.

In addition, you can check who has ever changed the [Data Sync] setting in [Action logs — Profiles].

List settings now include a “Compact” option to display more rows within a limited screen.

And advanced filtering has added “Is Empty” and “Is Not Empty” conditions, applicable to the “Name,” “Remark,” “Tag,” “Platform,” and “Accounts” types.


For up to 30 days after deleting, users can recover their own profiles from the Trash.


In RPA, task execution now supports “Random Execution” when creating or modifying RPA tasks.

The upper limit for task threads has been increased to 100, enhancing the processing efficiency and capability of batch tasks.