What’s New: What We Launched in March 2024

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2 min readApr 12, 2024


Chrome 122

The SunBrowser kernel has been updated to Chrome 122, so has the User-Agent.

Firefox 123

The FlowerBrowser kernel has been updated to Firefox 123, so has the User-Agent.


We’ve added new features to enhance your user experience. Now, you can see a “Last closed” column that shows the last time your browser was closed, for your quick reference.


For our Synchronizer users on macOS, we’ve included shortcut keys for “Add Bookmark”, “Zoom”, and “Find”, making it easier and more efficient to navigate. Remember, these features are only supported by Chrome 119 and later versions.

Local Settings

We’ve introduced a “Open as minimized” startup setting. Now, you can start your browsing with a minimized window, for a more streamlined experience.


We’ve worked on improving your experience when launching the browser. Our goal is to provide a smooth, seamless startup that gets you online quicker and without any fuss.

We’ve optimized our download logic, resulting in faster download speeds. Our tests show a speed increase of up to three times the previous rate.

Apart from these enhancements, we’ve also fixed several issues to improve functionality. You can find the details of these fixes in our release notes.