What’s New: What We Launched in November 2023

AdsPower Browser
2 min readDec 4, 2023

In November, we have brought updates into AdsPower, including SunBrowser 119, new RPA operation options, and new payment method. Some of these updates require the latest patch version and program version to perform. So don’t forget to make the upgrades!

End-of-year sale

The end-of-year sale started on November 20 and will last till January 8. During the sale period, you can get up to 40% off all subscriptions.

Browser fingerprints

SunBrowser 119

SunBrowser has been updated to the Chromium 119, as well as the User-Agent.


Google Sheets

We introduced a new operation option, Google Sheets, to allow getting data from Google Sheets.

Log details

In “Task Log — Log Detail”, you can view more information of operation options.


Several improvements have been achieved to allow using API to:

  • Create extension categories;
  • Deploy the settings of “Global Settings — Browser Settings”;
  • Check IP information on the new IP checker.


Order details

More information about the order is available in “Order Details”.

Payment method

We introduced a new payment method: QIWI.

Energy points

Now we reward energy points for the first subscription! If you’re new to AdsPower, hurry up to catch this chance.