Where else can I farm accounts? LinkedIn!

Anti-detect browser AdsPower is a great tool for creating valuable accounts on different platforms when developing your brand and business. Today we will discuss another platform where the accounts are quite valuable, and therefore there is potential for development. In Russia, the social network for business, LinkedIn, is blocked, but it is still an important tool for finding jobs and partners.


The blocking of the site in Russia has certainly reduced incoming traffic. But is it that bad? The main value of this resource is not in entertainment or page views, but in the quality connections available on LinkedIn. Not much has changed in that regard.

Conversely, the value of the site has rather increased: for users looking for jobs or partners, it has become more difficult to register an account and gain access to it, which means demand has increased on their part. For employers and companies looking for partners and employees, the value of people on this site has also increased: at least they are not too lazy to bypass blocking. And overall, the LinkedIn audience is more active and open to new things.

How to use AdsPower to farm accounts on LinkedIn?

In addition, for the algorithms to work in your favor, clearly distinguish the areas of activity on each of your accounts. AdsPower can also help you with this. To do this, add the necessary notes to each account and sort them into groups the way you want.

Features of LinkedIn accounts

The second option is that you can pay for a premium account and you will be able to send messages by internal “mail” in the Sales Navigator. The number of messages here is limited and they are less effective, but don’t write this option off either.

The most important resource on this site is connections. It often takes a fair amount of time to find the suitable people for you. However, the interest recognition algorithms on LinkedIn work well. So, in addition to adding the right people, you can write your own posts, subscribe to the right people, follow companies, and like posts on your topic.

It’s best not to be suspiciously active when you firstly sign up. Consistently expand your network of acquaintances. On LinkedIn, you basically can’t add people to your contacts unless you have remote overlap with them. Therefore, the logical thing to do is to grow your account systematically. If you want to reach certain people who are difficult to contact, it’s best to start by connecting with their environment.


If you have any questions, you can chat with us in social networks. We will definitely help you and answer.




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