Why Do You Need a Tracker for Affiliate Marketing

What is a tracker

Affiliate trackers are the perfect way to measure your digital marketing campaigns, whether you use them for affiliate marketing, SEO or PPC. They’re also handy if you want an accurate playback of how well certain offers performed in comparison with others on different sites by providing details like:

Benefits of using a tracker

While the functionality of a tracker sounds quite like tracking offered by the network itself, a tracker is more powerful and doesn’t reveal your ad data to the network. Here are a few major advantages of using a tracker:

Best affiliate trackers

Price and functionality are two of the most important factors to consider when deciding between various options. The best advice for anyone looking for a good affiliate tracking platform is to start using one. After a while, you’ll be able to tell whether it meets your specific requirements. If not, simply switch to another.


  • Integrate all traffic sources and set up automatic optimization of your advertising campaign.
  • AI traffic distribution that helps concentrate traffic on the most effective offers, landing pages
  • Bot detection feature set: weed out suspicious visits and clicks
  • Convenient notifications: set up notifications in a convenient mobile or desktop format






Wrapping up

To achieve satisfactory results in affiliate marketing, you must constantly monitor your ad statistics in order to identify the most effective campaigns and sources. Trackers, in this case, are a great help because they allow you to monitor and analyze all of your campaigns in one place. Trackers are definitely worth investing in if you want to succeed as an affiliate.



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