Why is AdsPower a better choice than Octo Browser?

AdsPower Browser
5 min readApr 6, 2023

AdsPower is a leader in the antidetect industry and has a range of advantages over other antidetect browsers. In this article, we will compare AdsPower with another popular antidetect browser, Octo Browser, to help you make an informed decision about which browser is right for you.

Functionality and usability

Browser options

Most antidetect browsers are based solely on the Chromium engine, but AdsPower stands out by providing a Firefox-based browser as a complementary option for users whose needs call for it.

Fingerprint spoofing and undetectability

Emulating mobile device environments is important in certain cases where operations on mobile devices are preferred. Unlike AdsPower, Octo Browser is not capable of emulating either Android or iOS environments, let alone the multikernels method which ensures that the browser kernel is compatible with the User Agent, reducing discrepancies between the browser kernel and the fingerprint pattern.

Bulk management

Octo Browser offers a range of bulk management options, such as managing proxies and importing cookies. However, it does not include the two most essential functions: bulk creation and launch of profiles, which are crucial when working with multiple accounts. Additionally, Octo Browser does not allow you to group your profiles, which can be inconvenient.

While in AdsPower, you can divide the profiles into different groups and use a much wider range of bulk operations on them.

Team management

Can you imagine managing a team of dozens of members without permission control and logs? Well, that’d be your situation in Octo Browser.

AdsPower lets you control each member’s access to certain profiles and functions.

In addition, operation logs allow you to monitor actions taken by team members, including the IP addresses from which they accessed the account. This can help you identify abnormal activities as soon as possible and prevent potential risks.

Built-in tools


Octo Browser only provides its API for browser automation.

Apart from API, AdsPower offers a more appealing automation tool: the RPA robot. With ready-to-use templates available for automation on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, the RPA robot can streamline your tasks. Check out this video for an explanation of how the RPA robot functions.

Of course, RPA can do more than that. You can design your own templates for any purpose on any platform. More details about RPA design can be found in this manual.


Synchronizer is a unique tool provided by AdsPower that is not available in other antidetect browsers. When running multiple profiles, the Synchronizer allows you to repeat actions performed on one profile in the others. This practical feature is useful for account farmers, gamers, and anyone who needs to simultaneously control multiple windows.


AdsPower offers the most affordable and flexible pricing model on the market, including a free plan. Additionally, a 3-day free trial is available for those interested in the Base or Pro plan.

AdsPower’s pricing caters to businesses of all sizes, from individuals and start-ups to large teams, as you can customize the number of profiles and member seats you require. Whether you manage 50 accounts with just one partner or work with 500 accounts in a 10-person team, AdsPower has a plan that will fit your needs perfectly.

But when you look at Octo Browser… they don’t even give you additional member seats unless you purchase the €169 Team plan, not to mention free trial.


In Octo Browser, it’s frustrating to find that they don’t offer live chat in the app.

But in AdsPower, customer support service is available in 4 languages: English, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese. You can easily get help from support via the in-app live chat.


After taking a closer look at the features and benefits of AdsPower and Octo Browser, it is clear that AdsPower is the superior choice. With its advanced features, including fingerprint spoofing, team management, built-in automation tools, and unique synchronizer, AdsPower offers a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes. In addition, AdsPower’s customer support service is available in multiple languages, providing users with the assistance they need when they need it. Choose AdsPower for the best antidetect browser experience on the market!